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Everything You Need to Know About Maltese Puppies

At Princess Puppies, we have just had a litter of Maltese puppies that are for sale on our website and going fast! We know these little guys and girls can melt your heart, but there are a few things to keep in mind before adopting a Maltese puppy for the first time – so we put together this quick guide to help you decide if this dog is right for you.

Maltese Dogs Live a Long Time

Most Maltese dogs live well over a decade – 15 or more years is not unheard of at all. If you adopt one of our cute little Maltese puppies for sale, you’re making a long commitment.

Maltese Puppies Love People

If you are expecting to get a cute little dog that will mostly just hang out while you go about your life, think again. Maltese dogs are not yappy or loud by any means, but they do very much like to be with you. They have plenty of energy and they are very sweet. This means that they want to spend time with you and that they love to be at the very center of whatever is happening in the home.

Maltese Puppies Need Supervision

Perhaps because they are just so friendly, Maltese dogs don’t seem to know the meaning of the word fear. If they get out into the yard off the leash, they are very likely to go exploring. The problem is that they are so small, they are good targets for larger dogs, wild coyotes, and so on. Keep an eye on your brave little pooch!

You Do Have to Groom Them

Many people love the idea of a Maltese because they are hypoallergenic. But that doesn’t mean they are a low maintenance dog when it comes to grooming. They have a long coat that needs to be brushed every day to keep it free of tangles, and they’ll also need regular trims. Their hair is very silky, which means it knots very easily.

Exercise is a Must

Finally, while Maltese are very good lap dogs, they do also need exercise. They need at least a walk every day, and probably also some time to run around a safe outdoor space to get rid of the energy they always have stored up.

If all of this sounds like a dog that would fit right into your daily life, please take a look at our Maltese puppies for sale!

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    Buddy, our Shih Tzu, will be two years old April 1, 2016. He is a perfect little boy. Many of our friends want to scoop him up and take him home. Of course, that will never happen! Thanks for your quality and loving breeding practices.
  • With a house full of boys it was a wonderful welcome for our sweet Lilly. We purchased her in January 2017 and she is the final piece to our family. Working with princess puppies was amazing, smooth and very informative of what we needed to know. We are so in love with our sweet girl Lilly Lou.
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    My GiGi is the Queen of the house and is so spoiled. She has such a sweet personality and is so funny. When we take her in the car she loves to get on my shoulder and look out the window. She is truly the best car rider. Everywhere I take her people have a fit over her. Thank you for letting me buy her from you. It was the ... (Read full review)
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    Our little buddle of joy is named Daisy May, she is full of energy and very sweet... The whole family is so happy and excited to have her as a new edition to our home!
  • Mugsy, my beautiful little pug is a real joy! He has a great personality - not shy or nervous. He loves people and his Bassett Hound brother, Bo. I would definitely purchase another pet from Brittany at Princess Puppies.
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    Three years ago we lost our sixteen year old poodle and were heartbroken. I began immediately looking for puppies online because after sixteen years of having an inside dog, I didn't feel right without one. My husband found the Princess Puppies website late one night after three weeks of looking and I fell in love with the maltepoo puppies. I talked to Brittney the next day and made arrangements ... (Read full review)
  • Laura Rainier
    Brittany, It's Laura Rainier from Baton Rouge. We have Annabelle (her name was Curly Sue when we first fell in love with her on your website her a year ago...she was born 2/1/2017). She's the most precious Maltipoo ever! She was all black except for her left front paw and chest back then....we think she's gorgeous now. I was wanted to share some... (Read full review)

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