From Feisty to First-Class: The Ultimate Guide to Training Your Puppy for Stress-Free Car Rides

Car Ride Training
Car Ride Training

Ah, the joy of getting a puppy! For those who buy a puppy in Louisiana, it is a wonderful feeling to finally bring your tiny furball home. However, as much as we love our puppies, certain challenges come with having a new addition to the family.

From potty training to basic commands, one often overlooked but essential skill is acclimating your puppy to car rides. While some puppies may take easily to car rides, others may find it intimidating and stressful. But don’t worry; with patience and proper training, you can turn your feisty pup into a first-class traveler.

This guide will walk you through the steps to make car rides enjoyable for you and your furry friend. We will cover everything from safety considerations to practical tips to help you train your puppy for stress-free car rides. Let’s get started!

Why Train Your Puppy for Car Rides?

When you buy a puppy in Louisiana, training them for car rides becomes essential for their safety. Untrained puppies may get anxious or exhibit unwanted behaviors, which can be dangerous for them and you as the driver. It also ensures a stress-free experience for both of you, making traveling together a more enjoyable bonding activity.

Imagine spontaneous weekend getaways without worrying about your canine companion. Imagine driving to the vet, the park, or the groomer without drama. Training your new puppy for car rides offers these benefits and more. It’s not just about convenience; it’s about safety and ensuring positive experiences for your fur baby. 

Understanding Your Puppy’s Fear

Whether you have a cute little Shih-Tzu or a playful Malti-Poo, puppies naturally fear new and unfamiliar things, including the sensation of being in a moving vehicle. The sights, sounds, and vibrations can be overwhelming for them.

For pets, the car is a giant, noisy monster that moves unpredictably. Their initial car rides might’ve been stressful – maybe it was their journey away from their litter or to the vet.

Understanding their anxiety will help you approach training with compassion. It is also essential to identify if your pup experiences motion sickness, which can exacerbate their fear and make the whole process even more difficult.

Safety Considerations: Ensuring a Secure Ride for Your Furry Friend

While training your puppy for car rides is crucial for their comfort, it’s equally important to prioritize safety. An unrestrained or anxious dog can pose risks not just to themselves but also to the driver, other passengers, and fellow road users. Here are some essential safety tips to remember:

No Lap Sitting for the Driver

Allowing your puppy to sit on the driver’s lap might seem cute, but it’s risky. A playful or frightened puppy can easily obstruct your view or interfere with your ability to control the vehicle.

Appropriate Restraints

Always secure your dog during car journeys. This can be achieved with a well-fitted dog seat belt, a secured crate, or a dog seat. In case of an abrupt stop or accident, these restraints can prevent your puppy from getting injured or becoming a projectile that could harm others.

Keep Heads Inside the Vehicle

As entertaining as it might be to watch your dog enjoy the breeze, letting them stick their head out the window is dangerous. Flying debris, passing vehicles, or sudden stops can cause serious injury. It’s also worth noting that the strong rush of air can harm their ears and respiratory system.

Avoid Leaving Your Puppy Alone in the Car

Temperatures inside a parked car can rise rapidly, even on mildly warm days. This can lead to heatstroke in dogs, which can be fatal. Leaving your dog in the car can lead to hypothermia in colder climates. The best practice is to avoid leaving them alone in the car altogether.

Steps to Train Your Puppy for Car Rides

Getting Started: Preparing the Vehicle and Your Puppy

Before you even attempt to take your puppy on their first ride, it’s important to prepare both the vehicle and your pup for the experience.

Choose the Right Spot: If your car has a spacious trunk, that’s ideal. If not, the back seat works. Wherever you decide, ensure there’s enough space for a crate or a harness.

Safety First: Dogs, like kids, need to be secure. For smaller pups like Yorkie poos, crates are great. For larger dogs, dog seat belts or harnesses can work.

Familiar Scents: Before introducing your puppy to the car, place a blanket or a toy they’re familiar with inside. This can make the car feel like an extension of their home.

Phase 1: Introduction

Goal: Make the car a fun place without even moving it.

Treat Party: Begin by feeding your pup treats near the car. Gradually move closer until they can eat treats inside the car without any signs of stress.

Play Time: Play with toys in and around the car. Make it as fun as playing in the living room.

Meal Times: Feed your pup their regular meals inside the car. This reinforces positive associations.

Phase 2: Starting the Engine

Goal: Desensitize your puppy to the sound and vibrations.

Short Sessions: Sit in the parked car with the engine on—reward calm behavior with treats and praise.

Extend the Time: Gradually increase the time you and your pup spend in the car with the engine running.

Radio Time: Turn on the radio at a low volume. Introduce your pup to the various sounds a car might make.

Phase 3: Small Trips

Goal: Introduce motion without overwhelming your pup.

Short and Sweet: Start with very short rides around the block. Reward good behavior with treats.

Favorite Destinations: Your initial destinations should be fun places – a park or a pet-friendly store. This way, your dog starts to associate car rides with positive experiences.

Include Stopovers: This helps simulate authentic trips and teaches your pup that even if the car stops, it doesn’t mean the journey has ended.

Phase 4: Gradual Increase

Goal: Extend the length and variety of car trips.

Gradual Duration: Slowly extend the duration of the trips. This is also an excellent time to introduce highway driving.

Diverse Routes: Introduce your pup to different types of roads, traffic conditions, and even terrains.

Practice Regularly: The key to success is consistency. Aim for frequent, short trips to reinforce the training.

Dealing with Car Sickness

Some pups may experience motion or car sickness. If your pup drools excessively, whines, or seems uneasy, these could be signs of discomfort. To avoid any potential mess, opt for an absorbent bed that can double as a crate liner for the car rides.

Face Forward: Ensure your dog faces forward. This can reduce motion sickness.

Windows: Crack a window to balance the air pressure inside and outside the car. Fresh air can also help soothe your pup.

Limit Food: Riding on a full stomach can make motion sickness worse. Try feeding your pup a few hours before car rides.

Consult a Vet: If motion sickness persists, your vet might recommend medications or other solutions.

Common Issues Puppies Face in Cars and Their Solutions

Just as humans have individual quirks and discomforts when traveling, puppies too can display a range of issues. Here are some prevalent problems and how to handle them:

Anxiety and Panic

Symptoms: Whining, rapid breathing, trembling, or trying to escape.

Solution: Introduce the car gradually, ensuring it’s a calm environment. Use comforting items like favorite toys or blankets. Pheromone sprays or calming collars might also help soothe some puppies.


Symptoms: Barking, jumping around, trying to move to the front seat.

Solution: Before starting your trip, let your pup have some playtime or a short walk to burn off excess energy. Consistent commands like “sit” or “stay” can also help regulate their excitement.


Symptoms: Chewing on car interiors, restlessness.

Solution: Bring chew or interactive toys that can keep them occupied. Taking breaks during long rides for a short play session can also help.

Distraction to the Driver

Symptoms: Trying to climb into the front seat, barking at external stimuli, or attempting to interact with the driver.

Solution: Use barriers or harnesses to keep them in their designated spot. If they’re seeking attention, it might help to have a passenger engage with them or use toys to distract them.

Fear of the Unknown

Symptoms: Hesitation to get in the car, signs of stress when the environment changes (e.g., when the car enters a tunnel or when it’s raining).

Solution: Gradual exposure is the key. Take them on drives during different times of the day, through varied environments. Praise and reward them for calm behavior. If the fear persists, consult a professional trainer for additional guidance.

Final Thoughts

Training your puppy to enjoy car travel can take time and patience. It’s essential to start early and make it a positive experience for your pup. With consistent training and a little effort, you’ll soon have a happy and well-behaved travel companion for all your adventures!

Pro Tip: While addressing these issues, it’s essential to remember that punishment never works in such situations. It can exacerbate the problem. Always focus on positive reinforcement, patience, and understanding.

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Tammie Hankins

Yorki Poo

Meet Paisley Grace and Aubrey Rose. They’re sisters, 8 months old, 3lbs and 2.9lbs and the sweetest most loving YorkiPoos ever. They have brought so much joy into our home! Spoiled rotten, sleeps with us, lap puppies, loves kisses 24/7, and very playful.

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