Important Information & New Puppy Tips


  • Your new puppy is eating Royal Canine Small Puppy Dog Food that can be purchased at Pet Smart or Pet Co.
  • Keep dry food accessible to your puppy at all times for the first few weeks.
  • Make sure your puppy is eating EVERY 3-4 hours for the first week or so.
  • Educate yourself on the signs/symptoms of Hypoglycemia. This is VERY IMPORTANT!
  • Continue to puppy pad train inside the home until your puppy is fully vaccinated, as those contagious disease such as Parvo, Distemper, etc live in the ground and you never know where it is.  Keep him/her off of the outside ground at all times until fully vaccinated!
  • Also, keep your new puppy out of pet friendly places until fully vacccinated to prevent the possible exposure of these BAD viruses.
  • Your new puppy is up to date on ALL vaccinations and dewormings. You will be given a copy of his/her health record when you pick them up.
  • Take your new puppy within 48 hours (or withing 2 business days) for their complete head to tail vet check. Make sure to call ahead the morning of your appointment to make sure no contagious dogs are there. Keep you puppy in his/her crate while at the vet and don’t let it lick anyones fingers. Just protect your new puppy like you would a brand new baby!
  • Check your puppy’s appearance daily. Make sure his eyes are clean and bright, nose should be slightly wet, stool should be formed and his behind should be clean. Make sure no poop is lingering–Yuk!
  • Call or text me with any questions or concerns at all! 318-613-2898


(Low Blood Sugar)

 Hypoglycemia is a central nervous system disorder caused by low blood sugar. It occurs mainly in Toy Breeds between the ages 6 and 12 weeks. Some of the causes are STRESS, not eating frequently enough, getting too cold, etc. The first signs of low blood sugar are those of listlessness and depression. This condition is recognized when the puppy lies down, does not play or try to get up, staggers when it walks or even a seizure. Also the eyes can look dull and not bright.

It is always easier to prevent Hypoglycemia than to try to treat it!

Hypoglycemia can occur without warning when a puppy is placed in a new home. It may appear after a puppy misses a meal, gets chilled, has a digestive upset or become exhausted from too much playing or handling. 

To prevent this from happening make sure your puppy eats every 3 hours and gets his frequent rest breaks.

If the puppy has low blood sugar, add unflavored Pedialite to their water to keep the puppy from becoming dehydrated.

Treat as soon as possible, but DO NOT PANIC! If the puppy is lethargic give about 2 cc (about as much as you put on your tooth brush) of Nutri Cal, honey, or Karo syrup immediately. Put it in the puppys mouth or  if he’s unresponsive rub it on his gums. Keep your puppy warm, possible with a towel that has been warmed in the dryer.  Your puppy should start responding within 10 minutes. Any doubts call your veterinarian!!!

Try to get you puppy to eat asap. May need to keep some Cesars wet food, beef or chicken baby food for times like these.

New Puppy Checklist


Royal Canin Mini Puppy

It that can be purchased at Pets Mart or Pet Co.

Small travel crate/soft bedding


Wire/bristle hair brush


Puppy exercise panels


Karo Syrup or Nutrical


Doggie Treats

Order your new pups Nu Vet Lab Plus! 800-474-7044 – Order Code: 65760 Not only is it an immune booster, they love it as a treat!


Puppy Pads and a puppy pad holder


Doggie shampoo/conditoner

I love the Chi oatmeal brand, it smells so good.

Lots of love and affection 🙂

List of Items to Pack for Your Pick-Up of Your New Puppy:

  • Baby Wipes in case of nausea during the drive home
  • Puppy Pad
  • Soft Blanket/Towel
  • Crate
  • Small dog toy
  • Cash for payment
  • Low blood sugar get to prevent low blood sugar, often called Nutrical. Ask for help finding this at Pets Mart or Pet Co

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What Our Friends Have To Say

Tracy Orr

We purchased “Jessie” almost 3 years ago. We named her Charley. She is the sweetest, FUNNIEST little Pom-a-Poo! She loves people and everyone loves her. She’s smart and is the apple of our eye. When we lost our poodle of 18 years, we were heartbroken. Charley has filled our home with laughter and love. Thank you, Princess Puppies and Brittany for raising such wonderful friends! ❤️ Tracy



We had a beautiful 5 year old Shitzu that we loved. A Hawk killed her the day after Christmas. We were heartbroken. We found Princess Puppies and Brittney met us at 7 pm that evening to let us meet Noel. It was love at first sight. We have had her a few days now and she is the sweetest little furbaby. Very cuddly and affectionate. Has slept with us...



Piper just made 1 year old and she has brought so much love to our family. She is a Malshi and weighs 9 pounds. She has been a sweetheart from the moment we got her. It is obvious she was well loved when we got her. I recommend Princess Puppies highly.



This is my heartbeat Bentley He loves his mama and is always in my lap 🙂 He is the best snuggler and goes everywhere with me in his stroller. He is a Malshi and weighs 12lbs. He loves his rubber ducks! Shared

Rebecca Hoffman Spears


My baby Liberty is almost 1. I bought her last October and she has been the light of my life. Her personality is so sweet and she is spoiled rotten. Princess Puppies was very accommodating when I inquired about their puppies and meeting me on my time schedule. I could not be a happier fur mom. Liberty Pearl 7-4-17.

Brittany Tingle


Emma & Ellie are my sweet Maltese sisters from Princess Puppies. They are 9 months old now & so much fun!! They are beautiful, spunky, smart, & love everyone!! We had the best experience getting these puppies from start to finish. We love our girls!!

Lori Nunes

Yorki Poo

Rosie is our little love bug! She has completed our family.

Marc Eric


Boca is 8 months old, and loves going for walks at the ballfield across from our house. Our family just loves this little furball of personality! Thank you Princess Puppies!

Laura Rainier


Brittany, It's Laura Rainier from Baton Rouge. We have Annabelle (her name was Curly Sue when we first fell in love with her on your website her a year ago...she was born 2/1/2017). She's the most precious Maltipoo ever! She was all black except for her left front paw and chest back then....we think she's gorgeous now. I was wanted to share...

Tammie Hankins

Yorki Poo

Meet Paisley Grace and Aubrey Rose. They’re sisters, 8 months old, 3lbs and 2.9lbs and the sweetest most loving YorkiPoos ever. They have brought so much joy into our home! Spoiled rotten, sleeps with us, lap puppies, loves kisses 24/7, and very playful.

Tammie Hankins

Yorki Poo

Meet Paisley Grace and Aubrey Rose. They’re sisters, 8 months old, 3lbs and 2.9lbs and the sweetest most loving YorkiPoos ever. They have brought so much joy into our home! Spoiled rotten, sleeps with us, lap puppies, loves kisses 24/7, and very playful.

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